Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dance and library

Tuesdays are our busy social day. 
We have breakfast and head out the door for dance. Lola is very eager to return to dance since we have moved. She is very bouncy for ballet but she enjoys it:) After dance we have a little lunch and go to the library. There is a very cool statue out front that we posed at today. I LOVE Library time, it's one afternoon where I can allow someone else to plan some stories and art and music:) Library time is started off by story time. They have a wonderful story teller who is very animated and fun! At the end of story time there is a craft to go along with the week's theme. Today's story was "Just how long can a string be." It was a very sweet story about a bird telling how long a string could be... so the craft was to use string to make something. She used the string to make a flower and then drew some scenery to fill in the page. Many of the other little children saw her's and asked their adults to help them make one for their pictures. Very cool to see her lead others artistically. (Note to Mommy:- remember to bring her a change of clothes between activities.) Following the story time we pick out some books, starting with the Easy Readers, then some NonFiction( usually related to the season, holiday, or science we are working on that week), next some picture story books, some books on Cd, a DVD, and if we are lucky a kit. What's a kit? WELL,  it's a week's lesson in a bag based on a theme. We stumbled across them and always try to borrow one if there is one available. One week we took out the bird kit and it had toy birds that sang and 10 bird books and activity cards to go along. The library is a great place to find free activities so we are always on the look out for  what's on the calendar. 

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