Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great granny

We took today to go visit Great Granny. It was such a soggy morning, so spending time sewing was a splendid idea. Momma cut the dolls out of the fabric, Granny pinned them, then Momma sewed and the Doll stuffed them. We enjoyed how Granny had made a wholesome lunch for us. Then we played Uno and Granny won the first round. The second round was a long one so after it, Lola and I went for a walk around outside. The weather had cleared up and the garden was a tempting place to visit. She was curious about the purple rooted thing growing. So naturally she plucked it up:) She is always learning something about food from Great Granny. Notice how sometimes home learning does not require 'proper' clothes:) Lola felt very snug in her new pony jammies and decided to wear them all day.
lessons for today:
Making known to God and others in what ways they have benefited my life. 
Making my own schedule and priorities secondary to wishes of those I am serving. 
When stuffing pillows- allow room to close the opening- not too full.
What's a turnip- root vegetable available for frying:) 

Diligence- that second game of Uno went on for quite a while.

Handwriting, and reading in the car- 2 hour road trip one way is certainly the opportunity for reading aloud. She read some Amelia Bedelia.

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