Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Errands With Great Granny

We spent the night with Granny last night and this morning we headed to the country to spend time with Great Granny. She is always ready for company and ready to go to town:) After lunch we chaffered her on errands that she would not be able to do on her own since she no longer drives. It was a fun Girls day. We went to the beauty shop and post office and spent time at the market. We had made some fun sharing homemade guacamole with Granny.  Then Granny rolled her mom's hair in rollers for her before we left. Each time we go there are so many opportunities for lessons on character. I use this Character Qualities chart from the Duggar family. I keep it on my fridge and refer to it often, not only for my daughter but also for myself.

lessons for today:
Exercising my senses so that I can perceive the true spirit and emotions of those around me
Giving to others basic needs without having as my 
motive personal reward
Expressing with my spirit the joy of my soul

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