Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life lesson- marine biology

Our daily life has about an hour of pet duty- did I say daily? 
Here's the pet chores
A-a cat (twice daily feeding+ poop clean + exercise) 
B-a lizard (once daily feeding + crickets kinda do need to be fed and watered + poop clean) 
C-a beta fish(once daily feeding + refilling the bowl with water because animal A drinks water)
D-two hermit crabs ( water change, exercise in tub, + make sure still has food)
E)-55gallon fish tank (feeding two or three times a day, involves thawing out shrimp, - once a month cleaning filter. 
We have recently added the the aquarium, we really enjoy fish. We used to have it set up when she was a baby, but then we moved several times and it's just been in storage. We visit aquariums all over the country and really love learning about the different species and food chains etc. So now we have a whole new learning opportunity. It's all part of life, give a girl a fish tank and see how long it stays fresh and clear.  It probably lasted two weeks before....Let's see what happens when too much food is added -purely by accident. We have learned that if you give the catfish more than 5 pellets of fish food that it really does clog up the filter. This is what our tank looked like :( So Mommy had to take the decorations out and suck out 1/3 of the water and extra food and re-stablize the water. 

We also were ready to add more fish. The lady at the pet store told Lola about how the fish are happy in groups of the same fish, called schools. So we picked some more mollies to give 'Snow White' some company. Boy, was 'she' excited to see some tank mates or school mates. We also picked up some Angel fish to add some variety. The molly only seemed interested in the other mollies- pretty cool to learn about it. So our life lesson on home marine exhibits continues...

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