Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr Day

On the news we heard they were having a free day at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Museum for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Being new to the area, we are eager to visit new museums. It was a learning experience like nothing I have had. The museum is about African American History and the current issues dealing with slaves today. The installments they have are intense. Here are some things I was affected by -First was an actual slave quarter that was used in Kentucky for the housing of slaves that were to be sold. It was a very eerie place to stand and know what had happened in those walls.  The guide discussed how the women and children were downstairs and the men upstairs. Usually the people waiting to be sold were not friends or relatives. The slave trader would collect a building full from different plantations and then march them for days to the selling yard, where each would stand on a block to be sold. Second, were some shackles. It's one thing to know about them, it's another to hold a pair that was once used on a child. They had a child sized pair and an adult one. The third was the time of the history. I've heard people use the phrase only a generation away from being a slave. Well, to me that time in history seems like an unimaginable time difference to my life time. In reading the dates of the underground railroad, it was a discovery to me that the leading lady in the movement Harriet Tubman was still living in 1913. My Great Granny was born in 1916. All of slavery is so heartbreaking. There is so much to say about the museum, I learned a lot and I know my Doll did as well. The artistic interpretations and historical photographs were very powerful. Quite honestly, I wanted to cry the whole time. For learning words like - equality and freedom and civil rights- this museum is truly a great place to understand the definitions. 

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