Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Animal continents and time telling

My little visual learner. 
Part of our morning circle discussion is geography. This is a little mini dialogue of what is said:
Mom:What planet do you live on?
Daughter: Earth! giggle
Mom: What are those large land masses called?
Daughter: Continents~ I know what you are going to say... How many-7 
Mom: ok good, what are they?
Daughter: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antartica
Mom: On which continent do you live ?
Daugher: North America
Mom: Which country do you live in?
Daughter: United States
Mom: which state in the United States do you live?
You get the idea... 
So one wonders what would a 5 year old really appreciate from reviewing geography every weekday morning? It's animals..:) We have a nice chat about where our favorite animals live and why they live there.. Penguins - cold, jaguars- jungles .. Where are the jungles.. Along the equator, .. Lots of discussions and books and lists of books to get next time. So with that in mind, what time is it in India? Let's practice telling time. We've just figured out the hands function and the counting by 5's. 

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