Friday, February 3, 2012

Field trip Friday zoo

Sunshine! We're taking our field trip this week at the zoo. It's been a chilly few days and today was warm enough to go get some exercise and knowledge at the local zoological society:) Here are some reasons why we are so passionate about the zoo. 
1) live animals hello....
2) fresh air
3)when you see the polar bear swim on tv, it's just not as memorable  as seeing it splash and swim in person
4)Peacocks lose their feathers in the fall and grow new ones every spring....
5)Manatees can hold their breaths a long time 
6)the California king snake is king because it eats other snakes
7)Gorillas like watching you as much as you like watching them
8)watching her face light up with seeing the animals
9)squirrels will eat anything in the winter when there's not a lot french fries lying around
10)we don't have any pet birds so the zoo is a great alternative to owning one:)

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