Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines handwriting and art:)

How to make handwriting not boring........ Valentine's Day Cards! Art and handwriting in one shot, Yeah! Happy Valentine's Day! That's a big piece of the alphabet in one sentence. Finding ways to make doing one's handwriting practice everyday is sometimes a challenge. It's something that has to be done whether it's fun or not, so finding fun different ways is a bonus to the mundane. Other options we have sometimes, writing our Bible verse instead of the whole alphabet, chalk on the black board or on the drive way, dry erase, or magnet board with the stick pencil thing. I know those princess letter writing books are fun to look at but the fact of the matter is the handwriting is still a task that this Princess does not look forward. I remind her that her Papaw used to have to do handwriting for an hour everyday, It was called Penmanship back then. She's lucky she only has to do a page :)

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