Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring in February?

Climate change is a mystery. We've all been saying it's only February, we still have a month of winter or it's the middle  of winter, yes you have to wear a coat. But then today while visiting Great Granny, there next to the house, are a lovely bunch of spring daffodils. And the sun is soo warm. We took Great Granny around to switch out the Christmas wreaths for some flowers at the cemetery today. The weather was perfect. Our five year old  has been a few times now to help with this showing of respect. The first time she wasn't sure of her role or duty. She is learning the importance of going to visit the resting places from Great Granny's stories and dedication. She has picked the task of sweeping off the tombstone to be the most helpful from her perspective. When we returned to Great Granny's the boys played a few rounds of Uno and had a slice of homemade pecan pie.

Life Lessons:

Reverence~ Awareness of how God is working through the people and events in my life to produce the character of Christ in me.

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