Thursday, February 16, 2012

Art technique

We have this great book, I bought at the Art museum in Philly called Discovering Great Artists~ hands on art for children in the style of the great masters.  We discussed today how artists use different techniques to create art. We flipped through the pages and discussed the different ways to paint- water color, tempera or drawing with chalk or pencil  or how some artists sculpt with wood or clay or metal or how some use tin and make reliefs. We took books off the shelf in the living room to show how some artists paint realistically or cartoonish. We talked about how some people make real things and some people make things they see in their dreams. So after a lot of discussion and viewing I asked her what kind of art would she like to make to day ( I was so hoping for the tinfoil relief project:)- she said she wanted to mold with clay. She made several very detailed animals. It was fun to watch her ideas come to life. 

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