Friday, February 24, 2012

Many steps for one food

Bread! warm, homemade bread!
 Reading recipes, measuring volume, understating fractions, delight of watching wheat turn to flour,  science of yeast, commitment of time to create something nutritious for your family. Oh how we love making bread. The best part of making bread (besides the aroma and taste) is punching down the dough. 
Once I watched this movie called How to cook your life, (netflix:)-it was basically showing how disconnected people have become on preparing nutritious food. "When your cooking, your not just working on the food you are working on yourself." One idea I took away from the movie was that our hands are meant to prepare the food we eat, the peeling of potatoes and slicing of carrots and kneading of warm dough. When we start to leave these steps out our hands are left with this empty disconnected experience. What are your ideas on food being  precious.? When you change how you look at food~ precious~ you may see your eating habits change, and therefore your life. 
Which brings on a whole other topic of priority list, what priority do you list whole food on your schedule? 
life Lesson~ Bread doesn't come from a bag:)

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