Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Money presidents

President's Day came along a nice time with us studying coins and money. We're working on the names of coins and the amounts. She was ill today but still wanted to do some school. We talked about how Thomas Jefferson(Nickel), Franklin D Roosevelt (Dime) and Abraham Lincoln (Penny) were lawyers. Then decided that we should check out a book on what IS a lawyer the next time we are at the library. On another note, I use The Mailbox idea magazine a lot for quick games and ideas. The magazine is good for two months of ideas and is found at teach supply stores or online. I like the pull out posters. With only having one student, it's difficult to justify buying certain resources since they'll only be used once. But this magazine is great because it has large colorful posters or pull out games that make my job a little easier and cheaper:)

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